Maria Muehombo - Biotop

Maria is a multimedia artist. Her work includes painting, installations, soundworks, dance, and music. In her practice, she focuses on sustainable and biodegradable materials and art forms. Through her research on plants, she creates works that have little or no impact on the environment. It is important to Maria that her work merges with nature.

The plants Maria uses in her works are aromatic plants. In addition to living plants, Maria mainly uses found objects. Her work is an assemblage of these finds. Her paintings are mainly made up of oil paints, palette knives and found canvases.

To thin the oil paint, she uses natural oils instead of White spirit.

Making art is a moment of reflection for Maria. The peace she gets during the work process is an important aspect to her, she rarely if ever starts with a distracted idea or concept.

The photographs she takes daily are an important source of inspiration but are not reproduced in her visual work. Maria is also often involved in music and writing.

This text was created during a conversation between Maria Linde Lombaerts and Hanne Fatah 2022.