Keita Takei is a singer of Guinean descent. Even before he arrived in Belgium in 2004, he dived into the hip-hop scene of his native Conakry. Once in Brussels, he was impossible to beat on numerous stages, quickly gaining the respect of the public.

His music represents an intercultural encounter: skillfully balancing between hip-hop, slam and traditional Guinean music, playing with the sounds of both French and the languages of his country of origin.

Keita makes emotionally engaged music. The political and economic difficulties of his country are often cited, as well as those of other peoples and refugees on this earth. His music thereby forms a message of peace and love.

He will also soon be back on stage with a musical theater piece that will be 100% his own. In ‘ Le vieux Yigi’ he brings a musical tale to a wide audience with an ambitious theme, because in the tradition of African storytelling it takes us on a journey in search of peace. True to his own style, Keita Takei combines African and Western musical influences in this piece about living together.

As well as his activities as an author, composer, performer and theater maker, he is also a couturier by education.