Growing up in a family full of music, guitars and parties in Guatemala. Junio Jocol has dreamed of being a musician from a young age. Hit by fear, he started singing in his room and less in public. Years later when received a guitar to play at a company party, Junio let go of his fear and dedicated himself to music again. Artist Facundo Cabral gave him a push to get out of his comfort zone and to travel around the country with his former band to play at festivals.

Later, Junio Jocol decided to leave his band and travel around Central and South America with his backpack and his guitar getting inspired and gaining new ideas. A couple of years later, he decided it was time to discover Europe. Arriving in Belgium, he met a lot of people who made him want to stay. 

Now in Belgium, besides his solo career, Jocol plays in two different bands; Les Azacuanes and Tropicant. Les Azacuanes is a folkloric band, while Tropicant is more of a dance music band. He likes to blend music genres, even making his own genre. Junio likes to dream of the impossible and then do that impossible. With his band he plays in different festivals around Belgium like Brussels, Antwerp, Gent and Tubize. His dream is to one day open his own label and sign artists.