Brussels-based, Palestinian artist Ismail Matar makes use of calligraphy, painting and mural painting to materialize symbols of hope. 

While in Gaza, the walls of refugee camps served as support for his art. In them, Ismail felt he could depict the struggle of the people around him in a genuine way. Ismail doesn’t necessarily want to convey political messages through his art but rather focus on universal values such as hope, freedom and dreams. Viewing art as a common language, one capable of reaching many people, Ismail is able to cross over barriers and communicate his universal messages. 

Another central aspect of Ismail’s work revolves around creating change that can contribute to a better life and future for children. When he was in Gaza, Ismail would invite children to paint with him and organized workshops for them, as a way to help them release the suppressed emotions and express themselves through art. 


6-22.06.2024 Goud Zout Boetiek
05.05.2024 Open studio day