Irakli comes from a Georgian musical family, he fell in love with the guitar the moment he learned the first chords from his father. He mainly plays 70’s rock ’n roll, but is open to try any genre. Music, art in general, is a way for him to express what his unconsciousness is trying to say. 

Moving to Berlin to continue his legal studies, Irakli got inspired by the city to continue making art. Wandering through the city is a way for him to get inspired and understand the city as a whole. Now, in Belgium he decided to pursue music. You can find him in the Family Brew, a bar he likes to go to play music. If you are in the surroundings, swing by to see if he is playing!

Next to music, you can find him discovering the streets of Brussels with his guitar and camera. He loves to encounter street artists and improvise with them. In the future he would like to incorporate improvisation moments on his album. He gets his inspiration from nature, the Rolling Stones and most importantly himself.