Born in Kherson, Ukraine, visual artist and illustrator Hanna Potieshkina lives and works in Brussels. Through the use of a great range of techniques, such as painting, drawing, photography and fashion design, Hanna seamlessly blends fashion and  visual arts.

Having a significant background of work in the fashion world, she reflects on the objectification of the human body through her artistic practice, crossing multiple fields as a means to engage with a variety of ideas, disciplines, and techniques. 

Hanna creates soft clothes as a response to ideas around the body that are born from her own experience. She undertakes to find a solution to protect a sensitive personality from the challenges of the surrounding environment. In her art, Hanna celebrates gentle and delicate shapes with no restraint when it comes to displaying vulnerability. 

As part of her continuous exploration of different media, Hanna is also focused on experimenting and rethinking photography. To accomplish this, she plays with factors like chance and time, as well as elements from everyday life, looking for what she describes as “spontaneous violations of visual order”. 

Recently, Hanna started experimenting with airbrush drawing on fabric as a new illustration technique. 


05.05.2024 Open studio day