Egoo Dallas is a Georgian artist based in Brussels. He is a visual artist working across different media such as installation, collage, and mixed media techniques by employing second hand material and found objects from flea markets such as magazines, old tapes, coins, toys or religious items (ex votos, sculptures). 

With his artistic research, Egoo addresses both personal and collective feelings, like the quest for freedom and love, the wish for positive and fluid sexuality (BDSM series), as well as social issues with a particular focus on LGBTQIA+ community rights.

His recent work focuses on Jesus and other figures of Christianity and it mixes religion and social issues, specifically addressing struggles and prides of queer communities. The result is a series of icons, elements reminiscent of orthodox religion.

Strongly ironic, Egoo Dallas works very often with paradoxical juxtapositions of sacred items, genitalia paintings and provocative or humorous statements, a sort of manifesto for the coming of a religion more inclusive and open(minded) and alternatives to religious fanaticism.