Brussels-based, Colombian artist Tatiana Zubieta (1985 Bogota) is a multidisciplinary artist exploring physical materials and their transformation through means of sculpture, video, photo, installation, and collage.

Tatiana uses industrial equipment (metal, engines or wires) as source material, repurposed for her work : core of her artistic practice is the transformation of recycled or found  materials, as opposed to extraction and exploitation of new ones.

Currently working under the name of 7Element, she wanders through the fields of quantum physics theories and perception. Triggered by the existence of parallel universes, she evokes elements and dynamics existing in fields of existence hidden from our daily experience

In order to unfold them, she employs the movement and dynamism of her kinetic sculptures and installations, activated both by engines or physical elements like air.

Her work has been exhibited in France, Spain, Belgium (Botanique, Recyclart, L’Accroche, Zinneke)