Tales from the first floor - Tatiana works--05
Tales from the first floor - Tatiana works--12

About the artworks and the artists working in the studio.

Discarded metal scraps intertwining and forming patterns that hint at forgotten purposes. Wires and screws connecting disparate elements and turning them into something new.

Tatiana Zubieta / 7 Element dysfunctional design objects are realized with recycled and found materials which are given a new look thanks to resin and paint, among other means. They feel both familiar and comforting yet unsettling. They are portals to another dimension, windows into a parallel, futuristic universe.

📸 Mechanical Thoughts, 2023
Mixed media 

** Mechanical Thoughts is a work by Tatiana Zubieta / 7 Element 

In our ARTISTIC WORKPLACE, artists can work on building their art practice and are supported by the Globe Aroma team and partners at the Cosmos of Globe.