Globe Aroma & Decoratelier Jozef Wouters

“One day, a large banner suddenly appeared on the facade of the Decoratelier, showing a virtual vision of what the neighbourhood might look like in the future. The studio and its surroundings had been replaced by a large park. That same day, I met a group of people from Globe Aroma and we decided to dig a hole towards this future park that, right now, is still an old factory. In the enormous void we taught each other to build out loud: a form of construction in which there is no difference between speaking, dreaming and building. Gradually an alternative park took shape, a park where memories and imagination intermingle, a secret garden filled with shadows and a jumble of grey zones. As yet I understand little of it, but it seems to be a place where people can decide for themselves whether or not to be visible or invisible, and this in the heart of the city.” (Jozef Wouters)

In 2018-19, Decoratelier Jozef Wouters is working with Open Arts House Globe Aroma on Underneath Which Rivers Flow. A group of women and men – builders, poets and dreamers – meet weekly in the Decoratelier in Molenbeek. Together, they build stories, a secret garden full of wormholes to unsuspected worlds.

Production Damaged Goods, Globe Aroma

Co-production Kaaitheater, Netwerk Aalst


‘Underneath Which Rivers Flow’ is a part of the two-year collaboration between Netwerk Aalst and Jozef Wouters, as part of the programme ‘The Unreliable Protagonist’ (2017-2019).

Passage_(c)_Dries Cools

Passage_(c)_Jozef Wouters_2