Se lal bum is a compilation featuring the best songs by 15 emerging Brussels bands. The different tracks each have their own refreshing sound and will put you in the most diverse moods. From swinging West African blues to intensely beautiful Middle Eastern ballads. From contemporary Ragga or electronica to traditional Peul music. All genres are there and influence each other.

All the artists on the album are newcomers to Brussels. They each arrived in Brussels with their own story but share a passion for music and hope to continue their careers in their new homeland. The idea of releasing an album together was born in Globe Aroma’s rehearsal room. This way, everyone can hear that they are an undeniable enrichment for the Belgian music scene.

The presentation of the double vinyl album Se lal bum is going to be a unique concert where you can see all the bands working side by side and with each other. It’ll be a concert that will reflect the international sound of Brussels like no other.

Including Arumbo, Baminla Zion-Jah, Brima Dondon & the Melting Band, Globe Aroma Collective, Gueladio Ba & les Griots, Hackil Free, Keita Takei, Les Nouvaux Nés, Mia Missa, Nawaris, Ras Jo Taylor, Ras Peckenio, Rasasawt, Samba Django & Tedoungal, Stalin Black, Wahati Soul. Artwork: Dear Reader,


Nous sommes tous des frères (We are all brothers): the message could not be clearer. 14 musicians from 10 different countries sing them confidently on the first single from Globe Aroma’s album Se lal bum.

The inspiration came during a shared meal. For Bem’s Diaouné, the fraternity among the artists at the table was the greatest proof that skin colour does not matter: “Among us, there is no racial segregation. Wherever you come from, your blood is always the same red colour. We all dream of a better world.” On Tous des frères, you can hear this in every possible language. In Globe Aroma’s rehearsal room, the lyrics quickly flowed into a unique mix of genres with a catchy chorus. Producers Michael, Naomi and Laura made sure that it comes into its own.

“Tous des frères” is tomorrow’s Brussels where everyone is equal. The single is now available as a digital download via the website