The Globe Aroma building is currently undergoing a transformation. To make the open art house as corona-proof as humanly possible, but also to give the common spaces the love and refreshment they deserve after years of hard work for our community.

Under the motto ‘never waste a crisis’ the Globe Aroma staff and volunteers have been working hard since the end of May to tidy up, tow stuff around, clean and so much more. When we returned from the lockdown we noticed on the one hand that we had a lot of work ahead of us if we wanted to open the house safely for our visitors, but on the other hand, with fresh eyes after a few months of absence, we could also see that our hard-working communal areas needed a little care and love.

Over the past few months, we have cleaned and tidied up a lot, scrubbed the kitchen, given the walls a fresh lick of paint, chased away mice, and even installed new heating on the second floor. But we’re still working on it: we’re installing a new kitchen, reorganizing materials to allow better access and thinking of better storage space for our artists’ work (so we can start the project ‘Learning to say goodbye’).

In the meantime, we are certainly not standing still: Art for All is slowly but surely finding its legs again, together with choreographer Ahilan Ratnamohan we are working on a new performance and our residency program in collaboration with GC De Platoo started with our fashion experts Tony Degli, Salimata Conde and Octavio Alavo.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to a phased reopening. In the course of October we hope to safely reopen the rehearsal room for the musicians. After that, together with artists, art lovers and our network, we will be looking for a new future for many of the work left behind in our studios, under the title ‘Learning to say goodbye’.