Globe Aroma is a working and meeting place for artists and art lovers who have (had) a background as newcomers. Located in the heart of Brussels, it shares an adjoining depot on the Rue de la Braie with its regular partners Terra Nova (providing Dutch language classes) and The Kitchen (engaged in artistic research). Additionally, the space is utilized by various temporary partners at different time intervals. For example, Pigment establishes a reception center there every Monday for individuals lacking legal residency.

These different organizations strive for intersectoral collaboration, merging artistic and educational programs with socio-legal support in this shared infrastructure. This includes a meeting space, artists’ studios as workspaces, a co-study space/library, an open kitchen,and more. The overarching goal is to cultivate a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive society in the heart of Brussels.

🎉 Globe Aroma, together with Terra Nova and Community Land Trust Brussels, has been chosen as one of 12 ‘incubator spaces’ by the Flemish Government. These along with other grants, will enable the development of a future plan, as well as urgent energy-related renovations (such as the insulation and the renovation of the roof with its skylights) and programming interventions to optimize the use of space, in collaboration with both existing and new partners.

Globe Aroma aims to shape its long-term future through a co-creative process. The design team will engage in an experimental design and construction process, considering the joint envisioning and remodeling of infrastructure as a means of building a sense of community. The research team WA (KU Leuven, Dep. Architecture) will provide support to Globe Aroma from May 2023 to January 2024 in developing the co-creative process. WA will develop participatory methods to facilitate the collective design and construction process involving Globe Aroma, the diverse community of artists and art enthusiasts, interested partner organizations, and the design team.


  • Part 1 involves developing a plan for the future with possible development scenarios for maximising the site’s potential. Consideration should be given to multipurpose use of space, management, capacity, circulation flows, budgeting, interaction with the neighbourhood and the city, sustainability and technical optimisation of the building.
  • Part 2 concerns the study for the execution of the first urgent renovation works.


  •  Interested parties can apply until 10.08.2023, 11 am
  • 3 teams will be invited to submit their offers by 06.09.2023
  • Site visit and presentation of the brief to chosen designers: 23.09.2023
  • Presentation of bids: 15.09.2023
  • Preparation of future plan (Part 1):  end of January 2024


  • A flat fee of € 47,000 incl. VAT is provided for the performance of part 1
  • The fee for the study and execution of the first part of the project’s works (part 2) is set at € 30,000 incl. VAT


Three teams will be invited to submit a bid and will receive a fee of €1,000 (excl. VAT) if the bid is deemed regular.

This call for interest is launched by the “Vlaams Bouwmeester” in collaboration with the team bouwmeester maître architecte. You can express your interest via this link until 10.08.2023 at 11 am. Please note that the tender and the study itself must be carried out in Dutch, as the Flemish administration is not bound by the legislation on the use of languages within the Brussels-Capital Region. Your expression of interest may be sent in Dutch, French or English, though.

Together with Team Flemish architect and the Brussels architect, we are launching a call to interested parties.

Send your application to