Medialab station with ART 4 You(th) & Boly Mpany Mpongo

With video and sound equipment, the youngsters interviewed artists and guests, and documented the program, producing multiple narratives through their eyes and voices.

This recording day was the first open session and is part of the ART 4 You(th) trajectories. Every Wednesday afternoon, young people from arrival centers (Fedasil Schaarbeek and Fedasil Bordet) come to take possession of Globe Aroma’s space and equipment in an informal atmosphere.

👀✍🏾☕🗣️👁🥟📔* was a focus programme on storytelling curated by a community of artists, art lovers and art workers that happened at Kaaistudio during the first weekend of December.

* See is for Story, Tea is for Telling

  • Concept, production, support Globe Aroma
  • Co-production Kaaitheater
  • Thanks to Monty, Europalia, VGC, Vlaamse Gemeenschap, De Nationale Loterij, Welzijnszorg, Instituut voor de gelijkheid van vrouwen en mannen