Words of revolt, a Poetik Riots Open Mic

Revolt verb
1. to experience disgust or shock
2. to renounce allegiance or subjection: to rebel

Poetik riots is a caring, angry, rebellious, feminist, anti-colonial collective.

We put words to realities shaped by
injustices of a past that needs facing
and futures seeded in radical imagination. 

Words were silenced
amidst the colonial violence
of a live-streamed genocide
lasting 6 months.

Our bleeding hearts need the power of poetry
to share
to express
to heal. 

We invite you at Globe Aroma on 19th April to share words of revolt, resilience, resistance, grief, anger, fear, sadness………. 

The stage is reserved for womxn, with priority to POC.
The space is open to all allies of Palestine and struggles against colonialism
(and other whitesupremacistcisheteronormativeimperialistcapitalistclassistpatriarchal shittiness) 

18:30 Doors & Registration

19:30 Open mic

22:00 Closing