Palestine Between Words and Silences: the Stories We tell

No written intervention, no matter how earnestly penned, can grasp, contain, or abrogate the manifold scales of violence, the shameless saturnalia of mass murder, callous barbarism, and flagrant fabrication of falsehoods that saturate the ongoing lived realities of genocide. The horrors, intimacies, and scales of genocidal violence exceed imagination and description, they escape analytical capture. Poetry however has the power to speak the unspeakable. It has the ability to elicit joy and make us feel the pain and heartbreak from which we regularly shy away. Poetry can also make new realities possible, because it rescues us from apathy, reconnects us to our feelings, and helps us to continue resisting.

The Kitchen, Poetik Riots and Milady Renoir together with OMAM, Globe Aroma and many other friends have put together this special event of revolutionary poetry and music. The evening will bring together different struggles against genocide and for liberation around the rythm of words and notes in multiple languages. Come join us!

Pay what you can · Proceeds go to Brussels4Palestine