Creative family workshop for young and old

Textile artist Salomé Grdzelischvili learned the technique of felting and weaving carpets in her native Georgia. Her practice gives life to figurative textile creations – often based on iconographic images from art history – as well as abstract creations.

During the workshop, the participants will make a table runner together out of fur wool, which will serve as a decorative element for the long table at the Rit’uali event on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Salomé Grdzelischvili is een kunstenares die actief is in de Globe Aroma werkplaats.

This workshop is a collaboration with Europalia and Arts Center KAAP.


  • The workshop is free subject to registration (from 27/09)
  • Max 15. participants
  • Workshop from 2:30pm till 6pm