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19-21/06 (1pm-5pm) → Globe Aroma

19/06 This first day serves as an introduction to collage. Sandra will present different  examples of collages, her own and some of other artists as well, as well as different collage  techniques. It’s a day dedicated to getting to know the medium through creation via several  creative prompts. 

20/06 On the second day, Sandra will propose a collective exercise. People can choose to  work on this collective collage or focus on individual projects. Working on both is also  possible.Sandra is also going to teach a transference of image technique used in collage.  Several creative prompts will again be offered though participants can also choose to work  freely (for example if they have ideas related to their own creative practice). The collective  work will remain at Globe Aroma while participants will keep their individual works.  

21/06 On the third day the collective collage will be continued. If new people join the  workshop, they can also hop on the collective exercise. The individual projects will be  continued on this day.