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On March 20, Art For All goes to Atelier Subjective Mapping.

In the last few years you have visited many places with the ART FOR ALL project. Every month, you go to about 4 or 5 activities. Through all these activities, each of us personally creates a link with the place: through the choice of the activity, through its architecture, through the discovery of a new neighbourhood. So we can say that we build a kind of mental map (through our memories, experiences, emotions, themes, …). Fadia has been working during the last months to go through all the activities of the last 2 years and place them on our map. We also placed important organisations. On 18/3, we are organizing a workshop to fill in this map with your memories, emotions, remarks, themes that we have seen during these activities. This workshop will be guided by Globe Aroma and we invite an artist to transfer our discussions into something visual (words, drawings, portraits, photos, …). Whoever wants can also join the visual part and draw, cut out pictures or stick on our card.

We meet up with the group at Globe Aroma at 6pm.

Interested? Contact Amina: 0496 10 86 57 /