This activity is reserved for the programming group.

On Monday, September 11 (6 p.m.), the programming group will meet to review the brochures, flyers and websites and determine the cultural program for the coming months.

The programming group consists of Mostafa, Azad, Aziz, Babit, Dani, Darina, Irakli, Kamal, Kled, Trésor, Tijani and Rabiatou.

About ART FOR ALL and Programming Group

  • The programming group creates a bridge between the Globe Aroma community and the cultural sector.
  • Art for All aims to introduce people from newcomer backgrounds to the artistic offerings in Brussels. We visit several Brussels art houses and festivals every month, across all artistic disciplines (music, theater, visual arts,…).

Interested to join us for an activity or want to be a part of the programming group? Send an email to or send a message to Amina (+32 496 10 86 57).

Art for All is supported by VGC with funds from Stedenfonds.