Dorothée Munyaneza, choreographer, writer, musician, and artistic leader, presents a powerful performance aimed at capturing memory and the body, amplifying silenced voices, and revealing the scars of history. Inspired by the character of Tituba from Maryse Condé’s novel, Munyaneza’s latest creation, “Toi, moi, Tituba…”, explores themes of memory and heritage. Tituba, a black woman accused of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials, serves as a symbol of resistance against oppression and colonialism. Through her performance, Munyaneza honors Tituba and all those whose voices and bodies have been marginalized by history. Using her own body as a dance archive, Munyaneza strives to make suppressed voices audible, visible, and tangible once again. “Toi, moi, Tituba…” is a collective solo, blending multiple voices and perspectives within a single body, ensuring that no one is forgotten. The performance, featuring costumes and scenography by Sophie Coudert and music by composer Khyam Allami, transcends boundaries, creating a hybrid world that encompasses African, American, European, and Caribbean influences—a space of traces, dreams, and violence.

Meeting @ Globe Aroma → 19:45