Fany Ducat, founded in Brussels in 2018 by Alice, Antonin, and Charles-Hippolyte, comprises a trio dedicated to writing, directing, and staging plays with a collective vision. Their productions are associated with Théâtre Les Tanneurs since 2019. Their latest play, “Harmony,” draws inspiration from graphic novels, offering a mosaic narrative that delves into the lives of individuals before a significant event disrupts their routines. Developed by Fany with dramaturgical support from Florence Minder, a Swiss author, director, and actress, the play emphasizes intricate scenography, lighting, and actor direction alongside advanced dramaturgy. Noteworthy aspects include a dynamic choreography, a multiplicity of settings within a single space, and a narrative structure featuring diverse voices that intertwine throughout the performance.

We will gather with the group at Globe Aroma at 6 PM.

Interested ? Contact Gladys: 0496 10 86 57 / artforall@globearoma.be