On mai 20, Art For All goes to Kunstenfestival Des Arts: Fortress Of Smiles.

While everything seems connected in our high-tech and socially networked age, we lose the ability to really get to know the other person. In Fortress of Smiles, two adjacent apartments symbolize this condition of modern society. On one side, we see a group of cheerful bon vivants; on the other, a silent family, where dementia and disability make their silent entrance. Symmetrical households that influence each other without the characters intersecting. Until the two bubbles burst. Kurō Tanino, one of the most interesting voices in Japanese theater, depicts the human soul with humor and a sense of surrealism. In his work, the everyday becomes extraordinary.

We meet up with the group at Globe Aroma at 16h20. 

Interested? Contact Amina: 0496 10 86 57