On 18 November Art For All goes to  Brussels Bijoux.

  • Fareed Aziz: A thousand times, Kalla-ka

كَلاَّ ، كلا قا (A thousand times, kalla-ka) is a performance by Fareed Aziz that seeks to make a connection between our deepest being and our collective humanity. He seeks to transform “pigeonholes” into more accepted and gracious forms that allow variation and coexistence with others. An architect by training, he tells his story using the body, perspective and spatial interventions in a multidisciplinary practice that includes sound, film and installation.

  • WeMetInBrxlss

Winter is Coming is about four people living in the same building in Brussels – an old house. An activist, a spinster, a career hunter and a hipster. Each character is locked in their own world in a special way, and each suffers from a unique kind of loneliness. Some are aware of it, others fight it, still others choose to do nothing or deny it completely. Time passes, winter arrives and the electricity keeps failing. Fate brings these seemingly separate tenants together after some unexpected meeting in the corridor.