On 24 November, Art For All goes to Azam Masoumzadeh ‘Glad That I came, Not Sorry To Depart’

Iranian astrologer and scientist Omar Khayyam wrote 1000 four-line verses, more than 1000 years ago. Artist Azam Masoumzadeh grew up with his verses and has now created her own, three-dimensional version of the poems. Inspired by ancient Iranian miniature art, her 8-minute VR experience immerses you in a pleasant and relaxing world with 5 different scenes, each one inspired by a different poem.

The poems are told in voice-over, in Farsi, English or Dutch. Sometimes they are sad, sometimes full of humor. And although they are centuries old, they touch on timeless themes: love, death, loss, religion, pleasure, happiness, mental wellbeing … Khayyam’s age-old poetry is more topical than you would expect.