On 17 November Art For All goes to Atelier Herboristerie.

In the Farmhouse, we’ll have a workshop where we’ll learn how to cook/make floral drinks with unexpected flavors and virtues, or a pesto with what we’ve picked in the organization’s park. 

Parckfarm (Tour et Taxis) is a neighborhood project, created, dreamed of and built by local residents. 

The Farmhouse is the heart of Parckfarm, run as much as possible by a team of volunteers assisted by Parckfarm employees. It’s a greenhouse with a cafeteria where you can enjoy vegetarian dishes, tea and other local drinks. All at democratic prices and in close collaboration with local artisans & merchants. But you can also come and take shelter from the weather and enjoy the reading corner, the entertainment, or the many board games available to you without any obligation to consume.