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On april 20, Art for All goes to het toonmoment van de artiesten binnen Stadscanvas.

On this evening, we will get an introduction about the workings of Fameus and go to the showcase of some of the artists of Citycanvas. Stadscanvas is a project in which Fameus organizes Dutch language practice opportunities. For this they bring together artistic newcomers and conversation partners within a cultural context. With this project, Fameus offers the artists a full program with two groups “language practice opportunities” and “Connect the City” where there are various activities to practice Dutch and to bring our community together.

You can choose to join us in the afternoon for a tour and introduction to Fameus. If you can only come to the show moment, you can join the second group.

We meet up with the group at Globe Aroma at 15h30 with the first group and at 17h30 with the second group.

Interested? Contact Amina: 0496 10 86 57 /