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On March 16, Art For All goes to Barbara Hannigan, Equilibrium Young Artists & Ludwig Orchestra.

Out of her dedication to the younger generation of musicians, festival artist Barbara Hannigan founded Equilibrium Young Artists. During the Klara Festival, she unites talented soloists from Equilibrium with musicians from her beloved Ludwig Orchestra. Together they will perform modernist chamber music by Ravel, Delage and Stravinsky. A concert with a Belgian edge thanks to soprano and Equilibrium member Emma Posman. Klara Festival is the annual rendezvous with top musical performers! For a fortnight, the best soloists and orchestras, from baroque to jazz to contemporary music, fill the Palace with the sounds of masterpieces from the repertoire.

We meet up with the group at Globe Aroma at 6:30pm.

Interested? Contact Amina: 0496 10 86 57 /