Via the artistic workplace, Globe Aroma supports artists by providing them with a space where to work and think. Working in our shared studio means embracing understanding, compromise, communication and collective decision-making.

As part of our House of Collective Imagination, we (the team, the community and the architects) want to engage in a wide-ranging reflection entitled ‘SSSSHARING‘ on our shared spaces to expand our imaginations and create new narratives.

In our first attempt with our “What’s a door” trajectory (2023) via ART FOR ALL project, we developed a methodology based on observations and encounters to stimulate a future.

In February 2024, we launch a series of visits to various artistic studios. Our aim is to discover how other more or less shared spaces work, and to discuss – with the help of concrete examples – topics such as privacy and community,  storage  and archiving, the impact of noise on work processes, communicationrulesnetworking, …

Studio With a View was our third stop.

Studio With a View is a Brussels based creative hub gathering 5 designers, 2 photographers and 1 architect in a large space dedicated to creativity, settled in what used to be the ‘Bottelarij Belle-Vue’ nearby the city-center (Molenbeek).