Belo Fanck is a singer and dancer of Angolan origin, who has always been drawn to music.His dancing career started in his home country, Angola, in collaboration with various music groups. He continued his development in Belgium by participating in initiatives such as “out of the toolbox” organised by Danspunt.

He is actively involved in several projects as a choreographer, dancer and musician, which includes #coded in: ‘Wakanda Family’, ‘The Greatness within you’, ‘Naked soul’ and ‘Dance your words’. His biggest project is his piece ‘O sol brilha para todos’ which he presents with Pianofabriek.

His musical journey started when he participated in the activities of Art For All, where he quickly found his way to the rehearsal room. There, he taught himself to play the piano and since then, he hasn’t been able  to stay away from it.
Belo made his musical debut in 2019 with his own compositions during a successful performance at the Kaaistudio’s (Brussels) with revivals at Nona (Mechelen) and Le nouveau théâtre de Montreuil (Paris). He regularly collaborates with Globe Aroma, CUBE and Kaaistudio’s and presented a few compositions from his first EP, Belo Dia, during his residency in Destelheide.

Inspired by Quincy Jones, Belo Fanck likes to mix different types of music. To him, it’s about self expression. With his music, he tries to motivate and uplift people. His main message is ‘Believe in yourself’.