Paper artist – dancer

Foo was born on September 7, 1969 in Java, Indonesia. He learned to paint and fold paper himself and he developed the paper art in his own way. Foo has been in Belgium since 2003 and stayed for 11 years in the shelter Klein Kasteeltje.

Foo has been a member of Globe Aroma since August 2004. He came to the studio daily to practice his artistic activities until 2014. The first years he painted a lot, mainly scenes from nature. With these paintings, Foo already participated several times in exhibitions, including ‘Kunst op de Vlucht’ in Lier (April 2005) and at the Jacquard museum in Roubaix (Sept 2005).

Afterwards, Foo concentrated on paper art, with which he is very successful, because of its great originality and the patience it requires. For Canaletto’s Synapse project, he created a large paper fish.(Sept 2006)

In addition to these exhibitions, Foo was present at the Christmas Market in Brussels, the Pond Festival in Dilbeek, Micromarché and participated in several group exhibitions at Globe Aroma.