Khyam Allami © Camille Blake-29

Join on May 8th for a musical performance where Khyam Allami presents a new electronic maqāmic work utilising Apotome; a free browser-based software he created in collaboration with Counterpoint Studio.

Apotome is the catch-all title for a transcultural music project highlighting the cultural asymmetries, biases and non-neutrality inherent in modern sonic technologies, alongside their interconnected web of musical, educational, cultural, social and political ramifications.

Practical Information

  • Apotome (Solo Live Performance by Khyam Allami)
  • No registration required * everyone welcome
  • Free admission
  • Doors open: 19:30
  • Concert Starts: 20:00
  • Questions and Answers: 20:45

In collaboration with Tashattot Collective.