On Saturday July 1, ART 4 YOU(th) travelled to Ostend to attend a performance by PARTS as part of the DANSAND! dance festival at the KAAP art center.

A small group of residents of the Fedasil Bordet center took the train to Ostend to see this performance, invited by the PARTS team and danced by the students 1st year students in collaboration with guest choreographers Benjamin Vandewalle and Ingri Fiksdal.

It was also an opportunity to breathe the sea air, take a stroll, play on the beach, eat together and to return in the middle of the evening.

This activity follows on from the many tracks of discovery dedicated to the medium of dance begun in early 2023. Indeed, this trajectory comes initially from their energy to dance traditional Afghan dances during moments at Globe Aroma.
Through different approaches, we build together a reflection on dance, choreography, styles and personal perceptions.

Next activity? A dance battle at Ancienne Belgique on Tuesday 11/7!