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Youssef Moukil (from Casablanca, working at Globe Aroma since 2019) makes three-dimensional work out of iron wire. In doing so, he works figuratively by observation, transforming iron wire into independent sculptures.

He started doing this when he was 7 years old when he made his own toys out of iron wire. Even to this day, Youssef continues to playfully deal with his everyday perceptions. When he sees something that fascinates him, he soon gets the urge to make a sculptural model of it. The subjects of his fascination appeal to a symbolism of freedom. So we see birds, planes and boats with humans as central figures.

Youssef is currently working on a sculptural installation that he plans on exhibiting at Globe Aroma itself. The work is site-specific for him as this is where he really feels at home. Here he can close the door to the outside world for a while and just find pleasure in making artworks. His sculptures are therefore an expression of this sense of freedom he can experience in Globe Aroma.

Youssef Moukil started coming to Globe Aroma shortly before the pandemic. Since late 2021, he has been one of the artists working in Globe Aroma’s shared creative space on the 1st floor.

For the recently concluded ‘Summer of Globe’ festival, Youssef designed ‘الروح بالحديد’ (‘Soul in Metal’), an in-situ sculptural installation. This (together with Elias Cafmeyer) was a way for him to express that sense of freedom he can experience at Globe Aroma.

On the occasion of the festival “Recyclart Holidays” (14/7 to 29/7), Youssef Moukil (solo) will present a new version of his installation “الروح بالحديد” (“Soul in Metal”) in which planes, birds, human busts and boats give a new dimension to the invested rooms.