The 3 Pillars

Globe Aroma’s mission is based on 3 interdepending pillars

Pillar 1. Globe Aroma, an open art house

Welcoming and Greeting: a permanent and living exposition

Globe Aroma wishes to be a place where refugees, newcomers, artists, (the population of) Brussels, and actors within the migration sector intergrate, meet, inspire and stimulate artistic creation.

A place of alternative presentation

Globe Aroma’s new building permits more engagement in  presentation and  mediation with the public. Globe Aroma’s group of working users are responsible for the organization and programming, as well as the space of the house  being opened to all external art projects (art institutions and schools)

Pillar 2. Globe Aroma, a place of multidisciplinary and participatory creation

Long term participatory art projects

Each year, Globe Aroma works with a professional artist in residence who leads an artistic process with a group of diverse and varied participants. The public of Globe Aroma  then participates in these projects, in company with  the participants of the neighborhood, and the rest of Brussels.

Globe Aroma in the neighborhood

Welfare organizations in the impoverished and diverse neighborhood of Rempart des Moines signal that there is a huge need for cultural activities. As of 2016, Globe Aroma hopes to develop extramural cultural activities in partnering with the organizations, street workers, and inhabitants of the neighborhood

Pillar 3. Globe Aroma, a crossroads within the world

New arrivals join forces with  the cultural supply in Brussels: A line of culture

Each year, Globe Aroma organizes 90 cultural trips to Brussels for the newcomers of the Petit Château and of the ASBL BON (Office of Bruxellois for civic intergration)

Develop a network of transnational artists

Globe Aroma acts as a hub within the network of transmigration . A party of newcoming artists whom are traveling and only temporarily in Belgium (intended or unintended), until they travel to other cities to pursue their artistic careers. Globe Aroma wishes to explore how we can maintain these networks. For this, we must develop methodologies to facilitate and open up these exchanges.

Access to the artistic field for newcoming artists

In developing the collaboration with a solid partner; Globe Aroma  longs to create access within different artistic domains for new arriving artists