In spring 2014, Globe Aroma landed in Schaarbeek’s Vooruitgangstraat for an exciting socio-artistic project. Half of the street will soon be demolished to make way for the expansion of the nearby North Station.
Starting from the former fish shop La Poissonnerie, artist Kinch set to work with the street’s residents and visitors. Using old media techniques such as Super 8, photogram and primitive sound recordings, the stories of the street carved themselves into the collective memory. The collected material found its way into a multimedia performance and the DVD ‘Vooruitgangstraat – en attendant le permis’.

A menu on the DVD allows you to view 4 different results:

  • the film about the street, subtitled in Dutch and French
  • retrospective of photograms created by the participants
  • portraits of residents of the street by Cathérine Antoine
  • super8 film made by the participants during the workshops

A project by Kinch

With residents and visitors of the Vooruitgangstraat in Schaerbeek:

Ba Mouhamadou, Bhelly Bompolonga, David Trembla, Dimitra, Eduardo, El Arib Youssef, Els Tintermans, Frans Janse, Hamady, Hamid Sino, Nahuro Sino, Hilda Van Eyck, Isidore Jason, Janet Falon, Jeroen Delvaux, Joseph Abassi, Kally Dory, Kanza Tiami, Cathérine, Keniate, Kevin, Massoud Amin, Mir Mohammed, Moustapha, Mohammed Aitba, Mozovati Afshin, Poilal Khali, Saidou Ly, Samuel, Sadat, Marie, Amorie, Hamadi, Amed, Bruno & Mama Rsoa, Idi-Sanack ‘Turque’, Café Helas…

project in pictures