expo'toon wat ik zie'

In 2016 Globe Aroma gave space to a photographic project dedicated to women: TOON WAT IK ZIE / THE WORLD OF FOUR REFUGEE WOMEN IN PICTURES.

As the title mentions, the focus of the project was to represent women refugees as strong and capable; the opposite of the picture that the media want(ed) to portray. The participation of women refugees is double, for instance they were both the models and the photographers, gradually getting to know each other and creating together their photographic series.

The emphasis was not on the story behind the refugee or the women’s origins, but rather on what they want to tell about themselves: their passion, their life, their (high) education and more. 

The photographic results of the project were exposed in the exhibition ‘AS YOU AND I, refugee women in pictures’, which took place at the Globe Aroma

With thanks to BON.

with * Cendra Smith & Ifrah, Mieke De Schepper & Francoise, Nibagwire, Nina Vlassova & Saida, Veerle De Schrijver & Salome.