expo'toon wat ik zie'

About women refugees, we see very little in the media. If anything appears, it is mainly stereotypes that are covered. Women are portrayed as vulnerable, caring and dependent. But the reality is more colourful, complex and also much more fascinating.

This versatility and nuance is portrayed in the photo exhibition ‘AS YOU AND I, refugee women in pictures’. Four duos, each consisting of a refugee woman and a photographer, gradually got to know each other better, which was translated into a series of not everyday images.

The emphasis is not on the story behind the refugee or the women’s origins, but rather on what they themselves want to tell. What they love, how society reacts to them, their (high) education …

You can see the surprising result from 1 to 18 October at the Globe Aroma Open Arts Centre, Moutstraat 26, 1000 Brussels and afterwards also at other places in Flanders.

The exhibition is an initiative of women’s association VIVA-SVV, in collaboration with Globe Aroma.

With thanks to BON

with :

Cendra Smith & Ifrah

Mieke De Schepper & Francoise Nibagwire

Nina Vlassova & Saida

Veerle De Schrijver & Salome