Every Tuesday, Globe Aroma hosts Theatre of the Oppressed for their weekly workshop. Theatre of the Oppressed is a project run by The Polymorphists and Syatre.

About ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’

Theatre of the Oppressed is a unique method of participatory theater to initiate social and political change. This method was developed in the 1960′ in Brasil by Augusto Boal and now practices all over the world.

Throughout the workshops, and with the use of theatrical tools, we will:
– get to know each other,
– discover our bodies and limitations,
– deconstruct lived experiences
– and work together on the creation of scenes that will be share within the frame of a “Forum-Theater”.

The presentation will be shared with the public on May 29. On that day, the audience becomes active too (“spect-actors”). Together, they will explore, debate, act and try to transform our everyday reality.

The workshops will be led by :
Hakim Trabelsi and Omar Fassi Fehri, both theater of the oppressed actors.


    – Are you experiencing any kind of oppression due to your racialized identity?
    – Is It easy for you to communicate in English?
    – Everyone can act so no need to be an artist. Everyone is welcome to participate and without obligation to act at the festival.


    Could you commit 2h a week from 1st of February until 30th of April ?
    It is important for the cohesion of the group and for the quality of the work that the participants follow (almost) the whole process.


    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:
    – Les Polymorphistes at +32474781618 or lespolymorphistes@protonmail.com
    – Syatre at Baseladdoum@hotmail.com