During the quarantine, we had to be away from each other for months. Screens narrowed our conversations and we temporarily left behind an approachable/accessible place, our open art house, where artists and creatives could freely gather and create.

To celebrate being together again anyway, Globe Aroma is throwing open all the windows and doors this summer and heading into town. In three locations, our artists can regain solid ground to spur their creativity and artistic process in a measured way.

From July 20 to 31 and from Aug. 24 to 28, we will be settling down at the Park Pavilion (formerly Bar Eliza) in Elisabeth Park. In this urban green, we will set up an open studio where everyone will have a place and the materials to write, paint or bricolage. At the same time, from 10 a.m. to 6 – 8 p.m., the pavilion nurtures the familiar Globe Aroma atmosphere where our staff, well-known artists/creatives/culture lovers and new people can meet, picnic and chat.

In parallel, Globe Aroma is taking up residence at community center Hageltoren – Tour à Plomb for the summer. Musician Gueladio Ba welcomes about a dozen bands each week who rehearse there in a well-equipped and comfortable space. In contrast, artist Ahilan Bhuvanendra Ratnamohan will work there in the dance and sports hall with performers who want to develop a dance training practice.

Finally, we are establishing a residency operation in GC De Platoo. For four months, fashion designers Octavio Amos, Salimata Conde and Toni Bland will develop there. In turn, Globe Aroma will bring these three designers into contact with the most diverse players from the textile and fashion world. Within this residency, the artists can exchange knowledge and gain access to various networks. The goal of this residency is clearly not to produce a finished product, but to let these makers develop, document and archive their own working process.



20/07: Open workshop 12am to 8pm / 6pm: opening picnic by Ifrah Yusuf Hiigsi

21/07: Open workshop 10am-6pm / 2pm: coffee painting workshop with Abdoukhadre Ba

22/07: Open workshop 10am-6pm

23/07: Open workshop 12am-8pm / 6pm: slam poetry workshop with Joëlle Sambi

24/07: Open workshop 10am-6pm / 2pm: Espace Fxmme ‘Zine-making’ workshop with Aru Lee and Xiri Tara Noir

27/07: Open workshop 10am-6pm / 12pm: opening brunch by Ali Al Krizi (canceled)

28/07: Open workshop 12am-8pm / 2pm: ‘Klapping’ dance workshop with maestro Ahil (canceled)

29/07: Open workshop 10am-6pm

30/07: Open workshop 12am-8pm / 6pm: contemporary and traditional dance workshop with Awoulath Alougbin (canceled)

31/07: Open workshop 10am-6pm / 2pm: Espace Fxmme percussion workshop with Veronica Campos, in collaboration with Met-X (canceled)

Update: due to current circumstances and Covid measures, we have decided to cancel the workshops on 27/07/2020. The pavilion in the park will remain open for open workshop operation as always.


24/08: Open workshop 12am to 6 pm.

25/8: Open workshop 12am to 8 pm.

3pm-5pm: Dance ‘Klapping’ workshop

6pm-6:30pm Concert Naïl Sümbül

26/08: Open workshop 12am to 8pm

6pm-6.30pm: Concert les Azacuanes

7pm-7.30 pm: Concert Baminla Zion-Jah

27/08: Open workshop 12.00-20.00

3pm-5pm: Dance workshop with Awoulath Alougbin

6pm-6.30pm: Concert Wahati Soul

28/08: Open workshop 12.00-20.00

2pm-5pm: Workshop Espace Fxmme ‘Body Percussion’ by Veronica Campo MetX Movingmusic