At the 3-day festival marking Globe Aroma’s 10th anniversary, several projects were revived and (new) artistic talents from various disciplines (music, dance, visual arts,…) were given a stage. It featured 42 musicians, 12 dancers, 18 visual artists and about 10 participants in social-artistic projects from previous years.

There was a very large audience response which was very diverse. The atmosphere was very festive, despite the fact that the contract of 2 regular colleagues would be terminated 3 weeks later, due to a termination of funding.

It started on Friday afternoon with a debate on art and migration: Sofa talks on social-artistic work in Brussels. It was an atypical panel from newcomers working in the cultural sector to directors of art houses dealing with diverse audiences and new employees. From artists who have to adjust to their new living environment to Brussels residents putting in work in their own city.

Yao Issifou and Tourad Kane both refugees and working in a social-artistic organisation. Rodaan Al Ghalidi and Soleman Amadou both pursued artistic careers after fleeing their countries several years ago. Myriam Stoffen of Zinneke talked to Tom Bonte of Beursschouwburg and Guy Gypens, director of Kaaitheater. ‘How do these three directors deal with Brussels diversity in their arts organisation?’ was a crucial question.

The debate had a large attendance and feedback from the audience was generally positive. Demos and The Neighbours had co-organised this debate.

Also, the extended programme presented the following:

Friday 30/11/12

  • 5pm & 6pm: culinair performance The Table Kitchen
  • 7pm : vernissage expositions
  • 8pm: book presentation SE MA FAMI
  • 8.30pm: dance / performance Agoo
  • 9pm: concert Mozaïek Musique
  • 5pm-11pm: expo Home and Away
  • 5pm-11pm: expo & publication Propositions pour un monument (Platform n°2)
  • 5pm-11pm: expo Hotel Globe Aroma

Saturday 01/12/12

  • 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 5pm, 6pm & 7pm: culinair performance TheTable Kitchen
  • 3pm: film Home and Away
  • 7.30pm: dance/performance Ultiem Ultime Ultimate Passage
  • 8pm: concert Le Mouton et la baleine
  • 9pm: concert Aroma collectif + DJ’s
  • 12pm-11pm: expo Home and Away
  • 12pm – 11pm: expo & publication Propositions pour un monument (Platform n°2)
  • 12pm – 11pm: expo Hotel Globe Aroma

Sunday 02/12/12

  • 12pm, 1pm & 2pm: culinair performance TheTable Kitchen
  • 12.30pm: film Home and Away
  • 2pm > 4pm: guided tour and workshops children Home & Away
  • 3pm: Sud- African poèmes off Jananka
  • 4pm: concert BX Collectif
  • 12pm > 6pm: expo Home and Away
  • 12pm > 6pm: expo & publication Propositions pour un monument (Platform n°2)
  • 12pm > 6pm: expo Hotel Globe Aroma

Publication ‘Se Ma Fami’

Also released was the publication SE MA FAMI, an artistic anthology on how Globe Aroma’s projects influenced artists-newcomers and the arts landscape. A colourful collection of photos, letters, interviews and project reports covering the first 10 years of working. This book captures the organisation and its diversity of people and participatory art projects. ‘Se ma fami’ is available at Muntpunt, Passa Porta and at Globe Aroma.

The publication and the festival showed Globe Aroma’s support base and network. This network links artistic visions from the home countries with the Brussels and Flemish arts field and their audiences.