Dearest painter,

From March till June we’re organizing a PAINTER’S MASTERCLASS.
We’ll meet once every two weeks (Tuesday) in Globe Aroma and we’ll exchange (new) techniques, feedback, and ideas.

Brussels based painter Abdalla Al Omari will facilitate and guide you through this workshop.
If you are a painter and you want to progress your painting skills, we kindly invite you to participate to this masterclass.

Workshops take a place on 03/03,17/03, 31/03, 14/04, 28/04, 12/05, 26/05, 09/06

For painters with a background as newcomer, refugee or asylum seeker: this masterclass is free of charge and we’ll provide all the material you need for this masterclass.
For other painters, we ask a small remuneration of €10/session and to bring your own material.

For registration and more information :