“Globe the Aroma” is a communication tool in the process of being developed as a part of a residency by Feruz & Amalia at Globe Aroma. The aim of this tool is to help Globe Aroma to have a better management of our database and by that to establish a better communication with the community. Using open source software, the work behind this tool is an intersection between experiment, diy, research and a lot of testing and learning. It is a collaboration between Feruz and Amalia and the Globe Aroma team.

Who is Feruz Teame?
“My name is Feruz and I’m from Eritrea. I have lived in Belgium since 2018 as a refugee. My background is soil science researcher and mathematics teacher. I am interested in programming so I decided to learn how to build websites and tools. So I followed some code courses in Open Design Course Gent and HackYourFuture in Be-Central Brussel. Now I am a junior web developer. Currently, I am working in Globe Aroma as MERN stack developer. I am always a motivated person to learn new things.”

Who is Amalia Rodriguez?
“Born in Mexico City, Amalia has a background as an actress and puppeteer. After working for several years as a performer, curiosity in digital arts dragged her into technologies. Currently she works as a freelance web developer and as an artist collaborates with different artistic groups and associations.”

photo by Riley Pitzen on Unsplash