On juin 29, Art For All goes to Tinariwen.

Tinariwen has been an Assouf band around Ibrahim ag Alhabib for more than forty years. After more than six years, they are once again guests at AB, where the band comes to present the new album ‘Amatssou‘ (Wedge). The corona pandemic forced them to reinvent the elaboration of their record, the recordings took place in Djanet, an oasis in the desert of Southern Algeria, a vast sandstone plateau that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for its 10,000-year-old prehistoric cave art. 

The result is a very strong record that sings of the harsh realities of the Tamashek people of northern Mali: the military junta, the presence of the Wagner Group, the departure of the French from the region and the growing power of the Salafists. Collaborations with other artists and producers further highlight the musical kinship between Tinariwen’s Sub-Saharan desert blues and authentic American roots music.

We meet up with the group at Globe Aroma at 19h30.

Interested? Contact Amina: 0496 10 86 57 / artforall@globearoma.be