On Friday evening, Globe Aroma hosted “Dumpling Tales”, a performative dinner in which guests were invited to eat and make dumplings together with artists Mirra Markhaeva, Erekle Mgeladze and Hafiza Azimi as a starting point to speak about our habits, childhood memories, about who we are and how we are in the world.

👀✍🏾☕🗣️👁🥟📔* was a focus programme on storytelling curated by a community of artists, art lovers and art workers that happened at Kaaistudio during the first weekend of December.

* See is for Story, Tea is for Telling

  • Concept, production, support Globe Aroma
  • Co-production Kaaitheater
  • Thanks to Monty, Europalia, VGC, Vlaamse Gemeenschap, De Nationale Loterij, Welzijnszorg, Instituut voor de gelijkheid van vrouwen en mannen