Ras Peckenio, grew up in the local hip-hop scene on the Ivory Coast and Guinea. He was active there until the age of 16. At the age of 19, he decided to move to Belgium. After a 5-year break, he gave his musical career a different course, without losing his roots.

Now his music consists of a mix of reggae and dancehall with influences of ragga and afrobeat. His first concert in Brussels was in collaboration with Globe Aroma, where he also rehearses. There he also met other artists with the same views. They formed a new collective “le chemin du destin”. These days, he has given concerts at Ancienne Belgique, at the triano theater (Liège), kuumba (bxl), sazz ‘n jazz, … and he has released several singles such as Mama Africa, Djam Djam (for which he released a music video) and Wafala (on Globe Aroma’s compilation Se lal bum). He eventually released his first album in 2019.