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Hamada Elkept is a visual artist from Palestine, currently based in Brussels.

Through various visual art forms – mainly painting, drawing, and photography – Hamada Elkept strives to reinterpret events, conveying the fears that threaten the life and human conditions of people living in Gaza. In the artist’s own words, “life in Gaza resembles a fishing net riddled with holes, within which its

inhabitants are ensnared, attempting to escape one entanglement only to find themselves trapped again”. With irregular lines and trembling details, He translates those experiences and channels them through his art, shedding light on different aspects of life inside the occupied territories.

Hamada Elkept participated in numerous community art initiatives, such as Gaza Graffiti or Gaza seaport and airport initiatives through his project ‘Visa’. Moreover, he actively engaged with the humanitarian crises and emergencies in Gaza, which significantly influenced both his artwork and his personal identity.


6-22.06.2024 Goud Zout Boetiek
05.05.2024 Open studio day