Over the years, we developed evaluation moments for everyone involved in the ART FOR ALL project.

To make them a constant and anchor them as highlights of the year, we have named them “Journée Olé,” “Diner Olé,” and “Apéro Olé.” These three moments allow us to assess the project together and simultaneously serve as an opportunity to honor our numerous ambassadors, the programming group, and all participants for their dedication to the project.

On Monday, January 22nd, we hosted Diner Olé, a delightful evening meticulously organized by a dedicated group of volunteers. Collaborating with Raf, ART FOR ALL intern, they (Neely, Aziz, Smaia, Julienne, Pierre, Mostafa and
Sandrine) thoughtfully curated both the program and the delectable menu for the event.

Additionally, Raf facilitated the implementation of a feedback possibillity, incorporating open questions related to ART FOR ALL, encouraging members to share their thoughts through words or expressive drawings.

We ended the evening on a musical note with a karaoke session: