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Hestu A Nugroho and Sri Maryanto, two artists who are part of the Indonesian collective Taring Padi, are set to visit Brussels to collaborate with The Kitchen and Globe Aroma on an artistic reflection project focusing on solidarity with Palestine. Together we’ll work on the next People’s Justice banner and invite the Palestinian community in and around Brussels to join the creation process.

The envisioned People’s Justice banner seeks to embody struggles of Palestinian diaspora, from the river to the sea. The collective creation process of the banner involves mutual learning and reflection, emphasizing collaboration among diverse communities. To facilitate this, we try to organise a program of encounters, conversations and exchanges with workers, activists, and scholars:

  1. Introduction
    Before starting to work on the banner, a collective lunch will be organized to allow participants to meet, exchange, and receive a small presentation about the banner’s story. Artists from Globe Aroma, The Kitchen and members of the Palestinian circle in Brussels are invited to join.
  2. Knowledge sharing
    We will delve into the historical and contemporary anticolonial struggle of Palestine, focusing on iconography, symbolism, culture, and arts. We will share perceptions about the recent situation to gain a comprehensive understanding and generate ideas for the banner.
  3. Sketching and collaborative decision-making
    Prior to the production of the banner, participants will engage in discussions, brainstorming, and collage creation to develop sketches on canvas. This process will encourage open dialogue and collaboration among contributors. Everybody involved will convene to discuss and determine the elements defining the sketch and structure of the banner.

The project aims to foster a collective learning experience, collating a multitude of voices, stories and experiences of liberation struggle in/of Palestine and translating this into a banner which both contains and represents histories of solidarity with Palestine, its people and land. 


​​Taring Padi was founded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1998 by a group of progressive art students and activists in response to the Indonesian socio-political upheavals during the reformation era and the fall of Suharto. Consequently, Taring Padi’s artistic practice is always part of and contextualises within socio-political and cultural action and solidarity with a wide range of communities and social groups. Taring Padi’s works and solidarity actions are manifested in collective works in the form of woodcut posters, large-size banners, rontek, cardboard puppets, music, carnival and other art actions. Taring Padi often run workshops at their studio and undertake collaborative projects with communities and national and international art and political groups.

Collaboration between The Kitchen, Taring Padi and Globe Aroma
With the kind support of Passa Porta